31 Aug 2004

Pacific Islands Forum officials to help Nauru develop links with donors and aid agencies

7:39 am on 31 August 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum is to recruit a Nauru government official to further develop links with donor agencies and regional organisations.

Following a request from Nauru for assistance, the Forum is sending a team of six officials to the cash-strapped nation today to identify key problem areas.

The Forum's deputy secretary-general, Josefa Maiava, says until they ascertain the exact extent of Nauru's cash flow problems, the Forum cannot say precisely what help it will give.

But he says the one thing they have identified so far is the need for improvement in co-ordinating assistance programmes with regional organisations and donors.

"So we've agreed to fund an officer in the government of Nauru to be responsible for that kind of work, and in fact we'll be finalising that recruitment while we're up here and then having that person to come down here for some familiarisation duties for a week and then she'll be employed fulltime."