30 Aug 2004

Australian help welcomed in PNG

6:03 pm on 30 August 2004

Papua New Guinea's Attorney-General, Francis Damem, says the country has put its reservations about Australian intervention to one side in the hope law and order issues are improved.

The first group of Australian police have arrived in PNG under the 630 million US dollars Enhanced Cooperation Programme between Port Moresby and Canberra.

Mr Damem says the deal will give the Justice Department a highly qualified Solicitor-General, three assistant solicitors-general, four judges, two policy advisers and a legal team leader.

"It's a big development. Only time will tell how effective and how efficient this arrangement will be, or how it's judged. We have to judge it over a period of time, but we are hopeful that it will work and sort some of our law and order problems."

Papua New Guinea's Attorney-General, Francis Damem.