28 Aug 2004

Fiji Methodists accused of committing financial suicide

7:29 am on 28 August 2004

A former president of Fiji's powerful Methodist Church says its members are committing financial suicide in its annual fund raising drive.

The Reverend Joseteki Koroi, who was ousted as president in a church coup immediately after the Rabuka coups, was speaking as the annual choir competition raised mote than US$1.2 million US dollars with the final figure expected to double.

The Rev Koroi says the Methodist Church loves money more than God and members are forced to neglect their children's educational needs and wellbeing to fork out cash.

He says the church should be taxed on its cash collections from members because it has failed to return the funds it has raised to the poor.

The Rev Koroi says given the vast sums it raises, the lack of a qualified auditor leaves the church open to corruption.

He is calling for an investigation into its financial affairs.

But the Fiji Sun quotes the general secretary of the Methodist Church, the Rev Jone Lagi, as saying the Rev Koroi's allegations are not worth responding to.