25 Aug 2004

Fiji High Court registrar says Seniloli appeal unlikely before November

3:24 pm on 25 August 2004

The chief registrar of Fiji's High Court, Musuka Tabete, has dismissed the suggestion that vice president Ratu Jope Seniloli's appeal case could be heard earlier than November.

Convicted to four years imprisonment on coup-related charges, Seniloli is to remain in jail, probably until at least November when the Appeal Court sits again, after the court turned down his bail application.

The Attorney General, Qoriniasi Bale, says that at this stage appeals by the vice-president and four others against their coup-related convictions have not been exhausted.

Mr Bale says it is not certain when Ratu Jope's appeal may be next heard, and that it is up to the judiciary to decide.

But Mr Tabete says there are no grounds for changing the schedule...

"As far as we are concerned it remains as is. There is no other instruction or any direction from anybody else. We've been scheduled for November and it will remain for the November sitting. That has been gazetted."

The chief registrar of Fiji's High Court, Musuka Tabete