25 Aug 2004

Polynesian gets American Samoan licence extension

2:44 pm on 25 August 2004

The US Department of Transportation has approved an application by Samoa's Polynesian Airlines to continue operating flights to American Samoa's Manu'a islands.

Polynesian's current exemption is valid until today and there still is no American carrier in the territory or the region to provide American Samoa's domestic flights.

In granting the continuation request, the department said Polynesian had a solid record of providing such passenger service and approval of the carrier's application is in the public interest.

Polynesian's new exemption allows it to operate Manu'a flights for another month to carry passengers and their baggage only, because mail and cargo service is been provided by Pago Pago-based air charter company, Safari Pacific Airways.

Polynesian is currently providing two daily flights using its 7-passenger Islander aircraft.