25 Aug 2004

Solomons radio reports violence in central Guadalcanal

1:15 pm on 25 August 2004

Reports from Solomon Islands say several people have been injured in violence in Central Guadalcanal.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that the incidents happened last week and left one person needing hospital care.

The radio says those involved claimed to have acted on advice of RAMSI and Police but gives no further details.

The chiefs reported that last week about 80 people comprising the paramount chief, chiefs, community leaders and youths of Goldridge area have allegedly been involved in harassment, torture, robbery, attempted rape and murder to people and homes from villages within the area of Chuchui to Baleho Keke.

They say 31 houses were destroyed and more than 30 families have fled their homes.

Those involved are alleged to have taken retaliatory action against former militants who are reported to be still in the community.

The Vulolo House of Chiefs condemns the action and calls on the police to visit the area and clamp down on the situation.