25 Aug 2004

Those facing court were misled, says Fiji police commissioner

8:22 am on 25 August 2004

Fiji's police commissioner says community leaders and chiefs facing court action because of their involvement in the May 2000 coup were misled by people with political motives who wanted to overthrow the government.

The Fiji Times reports that Andrew Hughes made the comment at a meeting of the Pacific British Chamber of Commerce in Suva last night.

Mr Hughes says decisions taken by the chiefs and leaders in 2000 were a bad reflection on the people and the country.

He says the overall situation in Fiji is calm but since the recent trial and court cases there have been undercurrents whereby people and political groups are again trying to cause tension and insecurity.

Mr Hughes says some people might not like what the police are doing but that is just bad luck because he has a job to do and that is the reality.

Mr Hughes says like the military, the police will not tolerate unrest again or a repeat of 2000.