25 Aug 2004

Fiji senator calls for end to coup investigations

10:17 am on 25 August 2004

A senator appointed by Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs has called for a stop to all coup investigations.

Asesela Ravuvu, formerly the Professor of Pacific Studies at the USP, says unless there is an end to the coup investigations, more Fijians chiefs and leaders will be jailed.

The Fiji Sun reports that Senator Ravuvu told the Upper House that "the indigenous Fijians, like the Jews of Hitler's Germany, have been struggling to win back their natural rights."

He said the witch hunt that is going on in the country is trying to prosecute political dissenters to the 1997 Constitution which he described as a conspiracy approved without the consensus of the majority of indigenous Fijians.

Senator Ravuvu said because of this constitution and the repressive and coercive laws it created, indigenous Fijians are under prosecution in their own country and already some have been jailed.

The Fijian Political Party, the SVT, has described Senator Ravuvu's comments as "tantamount to contempt of court"

SVT spokesperson Ema Druavesi says such comments are not expected from an academic who is expected to uphold the law.