25 Aug 2004

Vanuatu opposition says it has the numbers to win a vote of no confidence

10:15 am on 25 August 2004

The Vanuatu Opposition leader, Sato Kilman, says they have an obligation to put votes of no confidence if it appears the Prime Minister has no mandate.

The Opposition is hoping that a motion of no confidence in the new govenrment of Serge Vohor, which it tabled early this month, will be debated tomorrow .

This follows a Supreme Court directive for Parliament to meet and consider the matter.

Mr Kilman says he has concerns about the instability in the country and accepts that votes of no confidence can heighten this.

But he points out the political environment is very fluid and this means the Prime Minister's right to govern needs to be challenged

"We keep getting members from the Government side coming over to our side to say that look we are not happy with this and I believe democratically once numbers have shifted and we have the numbers, the Prime Minister hasn't got the mandate to govern, so we need to get Parliament to address the issue"

Mr Kilman says the Opposition has 26 of the 52 MPs, while the Government is claiming the backing of 35.