25 Aug 2004

Severe crop damage in Northern Marianas after latest typhoon

10:20 am on 25 August 2004

Farmers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas fear the damage caused by Typhoon Chaba to crops will be even worse than that caused by Tingting two months ago.

The islands of Saipan, Rota and Tinian were bashed by winds of up to 240 kilometres an hour by Chaba on Sunday and Monday.

There has also been heavy rain and further flood warnings were issued yesterday

A spokesperson for the Emergency Management Office, Jenn Castro, says the storm damage will be a major blow to farmers.

"This typhoon, Typhoon Chaba, was worse than the last one which passed over us, which was Typhoon Ting Ting and that one, was really bad for the crops and the farms. The farmers just started getting their crops growing again and then in comes this typhoon. So most likely all the farms have been flooded or blown away."