24 Aug 2004

Opposition Cook Islands Party predicts implosion of Democrats

4:21 pm on 24 August 2004

The opposition Cook Islands Party is predicting that the Democratic Party will implode after the elections because of infighting.

The CIP's general secretary, Temu Okotai, says the strains between the different factions in the party will become more evident once the elections are held early next month.

And, he says the CIP is hoping to increase the number of MPs in parliament from the 8 out of 24 seats they currently hold.

Mr Okotai says the alternative of the Democratic party being returned to power is not good for the country.

"There's going to be one big blow-up or imploding of the Democratic party. They say they are united. They are going to have one big bloodletting straight after the election - win or lose, we will see it. They will be fighting to sort out all the disunity and infighting in their party, and that's not good for our country."

Mr Okotai says they will be contesting 22 of the 24 electorates on September the 7th and will be publishing detailed policies this week.