20 Aug 2004

Fiji Methodist Church riven over Seniloli pardon

7:11 am on 20 August 2004

Fiji's powerful Methodist Church is reported to be split on the issue of seeking a pardon for the jailed vice president, Ratu Jope Seniloli.

The Daily Post reports that some members want the church to intervene and seek a pardon in the name of reconciliation, because Seniloli is a Methodist.

But the general secretary of the church, the Rev Jone Lagi, says the church won't be making any comments or be involved in a matter that has caused so much controversy.

The Reverend Lagi says the issue is political and is not on the agenda of the church's annual conference, which begins in two weeks.

He says members of the various Methodist circuits can comment on their own behalf but not on behalf of the church.

Meanwhile, the office of Fiji's director of public prosecutions has revealed that it's vigorously opposed bail for Seniloli and four others.

The president of the Appeal Court, Justice Gordon Ward, is expected to give a ruling on the bail application on Monday.