13 Aug 2004

Concern about crime on PNG island of Bougainville

5:07 pm on 13 August 2004

The Governor of Bougainville, John Momis, says a fresh wave of crime has hit the Papua New Guinea island.

Mr Momis says crime involving brutality are becoming common.

He says recently there have been a number of rapes involving young people and police have confirmed that criminal activities have risen in the North and South of the island.

Mr Momis believes Bougainville is witnessing a new type of crime.

"The lawlessness that was being perpetrated by the ex-combatants has improved very much. There is not much problems created by the ex-combatants. We are talking about young people consuming liquor, home-brew liquor, and using drugs that are causing some trouble."

John Momis says the arrival of Australian Federal Police will help address law and order in the short term but education on the island needs to be improved to affect long term change.