12 Aug 2004

Fiji's NFP leader says jailed vice-president should lose job

1:35 pm on 12 August 2004

The leader of the National Federation party in Fiji says Vice President Seniloli should be stripped of his position.

Seniloli has started a four year prison term for taking an illegal oath to commit a capital offence when he tried to usurp the presidency during the coup.

But he has refused to resign, and remains on full salary with the perks of office from behind the bars of Suva prison.

Prem Singh says the situation is untenable and Vice President Seniloli should be removed from his job.

"Once a man is convicted, he is in prison, he loses all his title rights. And prison is for unfit people and you can't have an unfit person being a Vice President of the country. The Attorney General must give the right advice to people."

The leader of the NFP, Prem Singh.