11 Aug 2004

Solomons inmates petition government over RAMSI police actions

3:10 pm on 11 August 2004

Prisoners in Solomon Islands have petitioned the Government over what they say is reckless behaviour by Regional Assistance Mission police.

The petition includes a demand that the immunity against prosecution granted to RAMSI police be lifted.

The Police Minister, Michael Maina, received the petition from two inmates following a riot involving more than a hundred prisoners at Rove prison yesterday.

Mr Maina says the petition raises serious issues of law and the Government is looking at it as a matter of urgency.

He says it implies that RAMSI police have abused their positions while investigating crimes and laying charges against people who are now remandees.

"They said the immunity has given liberty to RAMSI to break all laws of Solomon Islands and led to their wreckless and careless investigations and laying of charges against us."

Mr Maina says the petition also includes a demand to extend the scope of the terms of Amnesty Act 2000-2001 of the Townsville Peace Agreement.