11 Aug 2004

Virgin Islands lead push for voting rights for US island territories

10:19 am on 11 August 2004

The US Virgin islands is a leading supporter of a constitutional amendment which would give the residents of all US territories the right to vote for president.

The proposed amendment, which Donna Christian-Christensen, the Virgin Islands' delegate to Congress outlined in a joint resolution co-sponsored last month by her counterparts in American Samoa and Guam, would extend voting rights to the 4 point 3 million U.S. citizens living in these territories.

Donna Christian-Christensen, calls it a simple question of fairness, made clearer now by the deployment of island soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq under a commander-in-chief they didn't elect.

To pass, a constitutional amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the House and the Senate and then ratified within seven years by three-quarters of the states.