6 Aug 2004

Cook Islands Broadcasting review drafts complete

4:51 pm on 6 August 2004

Two documents aimed at improving media standards in the Cook Islands have been completed.

A Media Act and code of practice have been drafted by New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority complaints manager Dr Michael Stace, and will soon be shown to the industry and stakeholders for feedback.

The chairman of the Cook Islands Broadcasting Corporation Board, Andrew Turua, says he is very pleased with the changes that Dr Stace has drafted.

Mr Turua says the review of the existing Broadcasting Act includes a considerable amount of updates and areas that were not previously covered.

"Because the Act has gone through so many changes, we felt that we need to repeal the existing one, or displace the existing one, and bring in a complete new act so that we're not limited to what's been already in print, and as well as taking into account the changes of the environment."

Andrew Turua