6 Aug 2004

Back our quest for self-rule, Temaru to tell Forum

6:36 am on 6 August 2004

The President of French Polynesia, Oscar Temaru, is calling on other Pacific leaders to help get the territory back on the United Nations List of Non Self Governing Territories.

Five political parties, including Mr Temaru's Tavini Huiraatira, and a trade union, have formed the United Party for Democrats and is calling for support for its struggle for self determination in what they call Te Ao Maohi or the World of the Maohi.

They say they are seeking the opportunity fo the people of Te Ao Maohi to live with dignity and freedom in their own land.

French Polynesia is assured of getting Observer status at the Forum summit, which starts today, but Mr Temaru will be looking for more.

"So we are here also to try to get the support of all the leaders. I will meet Greg Urwin, the new general secretary of the Forum, and ask him to put the case of our country on the list, on the agenda."