5 Aug 2004

British diplomat in PNG says business has role to prevent HIV-AIDS

3:25 pm on 5 August 2004

The British High Commissioner in Papua New Guinea has been telling the country's top business people that PNG is heading towards a pandemic of HIV-AIDS similar to that in sub-Saharan Africa.

David Gordon-MacLeod says if PNG does not take lessons from Africa's experience, it will end up with the same crisis.

Mr Gordon-MacLeod says business leaders have a responsibility to prevent and educate workers about the virus.

"The more leaders, whether in the business sector or in the political sector or in the church, get their act together to do something now and don't think it's someone else's responsibility or somebody else will surely help out or it's not going to happen here.....the more they get real about this the better it will be, not just for business but for the future of a country like PNG."

The British High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, David Gordon MacLeod.