5 Aug 2004

Indian tycoon real PM of Fiji, claims FLP

9:37 am on 5 August 2004

Fiji's parliament has heard a claim that an ethnic Indian business tycoon, Hari Punja, is the real prime minister of the country.

The Daily Post reports that the claim has been made by Labour Party MP and deposed minister for national planning, Dr Ganesh Chand.

Dr Chand also said the deputy prime minister wan another Indian businessman, Bajubhai Patel.

Dr Chand said Laisenia Qarase was only their chief executive officer.

He said the word among people was that despite Mr Qarase's claim that a non-indigenous Fijian could NOT be prime minister for a long time, the real prime minister was in fact an Indian.

Dr Chand said ordinary people were now seeing through the charade created by Mr Qarase that his views were those of the indigenous Fijian people.