5 Aug 2004

Fiji Labour MP Bune calls on coupmakers to surrender

10:18 am on 5 August 2004

A senior Fiji Labour Party MP has called on the major instigators of the May 2000 coup to "do the honourable thing" and surrender themselves to the police.

The Fiji Sun reports that Poseci Bune's call follows his statement that the major players in the coup are still roaming free and pretending they know nothing about it.

Mr Bune says while some soldiers have been sentenced after court martial and others feature in the current treason trial, there are others who are still free.

He says a good number of members of the current SDL/Conservative Alliance government had publicly supported the coup.

Mr Bune, the deposed agriculture minister who was held hostage at gunpoint for 56 days, says while Labour MPs have given statements to the police and named people, little had been done.

He says the coup had brought suffering and hardship which would remain unless all those involved face justice.