2 Aug 2004

Solomon Islands sex crimes concerns National Council of Women

3:36 pm on 2 August 2004

The increase in sex crimes in Solomon islands is causing concern to the National Council of Women.

The council's president, Sarah Dyer, says three to four women a week are coming in to their offices to tell them about sex offences that have been committed against them.

She says some are young girls who have come in from the provinces to Honiara for paid work and the person with responsibility for them perpetrates the crime.

But, Ms Dyer says many of them won't go to the police.

"They are too frightened, maybe, you know, fear of payback and maybe being sent home by wantoks or the extended family knowing about it and there'll be things like compensation to the family. I think that's one contributing factor."

Sarah Dyer, the president of the Solomon Islands Council of Women.