2 Aug 2004

Fiji police commissioner says Ratu Mara's death sparked fresh Rabuka probe

1:31 pm on 2 August 2004

Fiji's police commissioner says the death of the former president Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara unearthed some fresh claims against the former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka.

Andrew Hughes has confirmed reports that Mr Rabuka was questioned by Detective Sergeant Joseph Low in relation to the allegations.

After Ratu Mara's death, Fiji TV aired a video tape in which Ratu Mara named Mr Rabuka as being among a group of people who had asked him to step down from the presidency four years ago.

As Commissioner Hughes explains, this is one of the issues that brought Mr Rabuka back before police.

"Well it's really a matter of tidying up some recent issues that came to light with the passing away of Ratu Mara, the former president. Some allegations, some fresh information came to light, that we needed to have the opportunity to speak with Mr Rabuka, and he availed himself of that invitation on Saturday."