2 Aug 2004

Solomon Islands National Council of Women calls for respect from media

1:49 pm on 2 August 2004

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women is calling for the media to respect the rights of victims.

The council's president, Sarah Dyer, made the statement after the Solomon Star newspaper ran a detailed report, during a court sentencing, on a sex attack by a teacher on three female students.

She says the article described word for word what happened to the students in the attack in 1997, and the story was pornographic in its nature.

Ms Dyer says more consideration needs to be given to the victims by reporters.

"They have the freedom to do their reporting of such incidents but maybe if they take into account respect for victims. When that incident happened, they were students, and by now they would be married and have families of their own. And, they have gone through stress and trauma already from what happened and now they are going to go through it again."

Ms Dyer says she will be raising the issue with the newspaper.

The editor of the Solomon Star was unavailable for comment.