30 Jul 2004

Marshalls police investigate cocaine missing from station

8:23 am on 30 July 2004

Marshall Islands police are set to launch an investigation into the loss or burglary of cocaine from the national police station on Ebeye Island.

The Police Commissioner George Lanwi has confirmed that investigators from Majuro will fly to Ebeye to conduct what he called a thorough investigation.

Commissioner Lanwi says he needs to know the truth about the incident.

At least four kilogrammes of cocaine went missing from the station on Ebeye.

Nine Ebeye men have since April been charged with cocaine possession or distribution.

Officials at the US Army's missile testing range at Kwajalein Atoll, where Ebeye Island is located, say they believe that virtually all of the cocaine that led to the arrests came from nearly 30 kilogramme bricks of cocaine that were washed up on the atoll in March.