29 Jul 2004

Former Solomon Islands militant jailed for five years for robbery

3:04 pm on 29 July 2004

A former Solomon Islands militia leader, Jimmy Rasta Lusibaea, has been jailed for five years for robbery.

The Magistrates Court in Honiara sentenced the former Malaita Eagle Force commander for the theft of vehicles.

The court heard that in June 2000 he and Manasseh Maelanga demanded two vehicles from Ela Motors which the defence claimed were needed to help maintain law and order.

But Magistrate Jane Hamilton White said this was an unacceptable explanation and the men behaved in a lawless fashion.

Lusibaea still faces other charges, including one over the murder of two police special constables in January 2002.

The latest sentence will be added to his present eight-year jail term, with two years to be served concurrently.