29 Jul 2004

Forum plans needs assessment of Nauru parliament

11:11 am on 29 July 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum is planning to conduct a needs assessment of Nauru's Parliament.

This is the outcome of the visit by a delegation of Parliamentarians from Forum countries earlier this month.

The secretary general of the Forum, Greg Urwin, says the visit arose from concerns over the months- long stalemate in the Nauru Parliament.

He says some of the member countries had experienced similar problems and the delegation felt it might be able to help.

Mr Urwin says if Nauru gives the go ahead the Forum will try and find a solution.

"We will conduct an exercise that in the past we have called a legislative needs assessment. We have done them in a number of countries in the Pacific. The idea is, as a generalisation, some of the legislatures in the region are not performing in quite the way they might, and this is an attempt to determine why that is, and suggest some remedies"