28 Jul 2004

Pacific Forum considers a presence on Nauru

7:35 pm on 28 July 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum is considering establishing a presence on Nauru to help the financially troubled island connect with agencies in the region that can provide it with specialist assistance.

Nauru is expected to ask Forum leaders at next week's summit in Apia for help.

Senior officials from the organisation have made two visits to the island in recent months to see what it can do to help.

The Forum secretary general Greg Urwin says he visited in May at the request of the Forum Chair Helen Clark and his deputy Iosefa Maiava went early this month after a request from the newly installed government.

Mr Urwin says one idea, subject to the leaders' agreeing, is to send a Forum official to the island.

"and whose task it would be to assist Nauru in reconnecting, as it were, with the many sorts of agencies and services that are available throughout the region to which Nauru, as a member, is entitled. There are a number of support mechanisms across a range of organisations which are available"

Forum secretary general Greg Urwin