26 Jul 2004

PNG governor general decries politicians' actions

2:01 pm on 26 July 2004

Papua New Guinea's governor-general, Sir Paulias Matane, has accused politicians of causing so much instability amid a growing number of social problems.

These included youth unemployment, illicit drugs, loss of family values and respect for elders, the law and order problem, as well as the HIV/AIDS crisis.

The Post Courier reports that Sir Paulias told a crowd at the Sir John Guise stadium that the country could do much better if not for the politicians.

Sir Paulias says the current political developments do not give comfort at all as politicians shift and move around political camps, causing so much instability.

He says there is no real concern for people who cry out for stability and appealed to PNG's political leaders to put the interest of the common people ahead of their own agendas.