26 Jul 2004

Fiji is reported to be considering convening Prerogative of Mercy Commission

7:16 am on 26 July 2004

There are suggestions in Fiji that a prerogative of mercy commission may be convened if vice president Seniloli is found guilty of treason at the end of his current trial.

A Fiji Sun report says a prominent member of the judiciary has revealed that consultations are under way in the President's Office on the chances of convening such a commission.

The newspaper says President Iloilo has the powers to pardon the vice president.

The attorney general, Qoriniasi Bale, says they have not considered this option and would not unless the vice president is convicted.

Mr Bale says the accused can apply for a pardon to the mercy commission only after he is convicted and to suggest otherwise is premature.

The treason trial is due to resume in Suva today.