26 Jul 2004

Vanuatu's parliament is due to meet to select a Prime Minister today

7:27 am on 26 July 2004

Vanuatu's parliament is expected to meet today for the first time since the general election nearly three weeks ago.

The sitting is due to choose a speaker and a new prime minister - a process which will reveal which of the two blocs has majority support.

One is loosely based on the Union of Moderate Parties, led by Serge Vohor.

The other centres on Ham Lini's National United Party.

Our correspondent in Vanuatu, Kal Moli, says the proliferation of independent candidates has muddied the situation.

"The problem that the nine independent candidates have is that they were not able to secure an alliance. If they had managed to secure an alliance, they would be the deciding factor in any government."

Kal Moli says it's possible that one of the factions could boycott the sitting.