23 Jul 2004

Vanuatu's Ham Lini still hopeful of becoming prime minister

1:43 pm on 23 July 2004

The leader of Vanuatu's National United Party, Ham Lini, remains confident his coalition will prevail when the new parliament meets on Monday to elect a new prime minister and speaker.

The process will reveal which of two coalitions has majority support.

Mr Lini's grouping includes the Vanuatu Party, the People's Progressive Party, the PPP, the People's Action Party, or PAP, and the National Community Association, the NCA, along with some independents.

He disputes the claims from the rival Union of Moderate Parties faction, headed by Serge Vohor, that they also have the backing of some of these parties.

"They may have claimed that but the PPP didn't sign with the other group, they did sign with us. And the National Community Association - one member was with the other side, but yesterday moved back to our side."

Ham Lini