23 Jul 2004

Solomons still fragile, warns outgoing RAMSI head

10:29 am on 23 July 2004

The outgoing Head of the Regional Assistance Mission is warning Solomon Islanders, and all stakeholders in the rebuilding of the country, that the situation is still fragile.

On the eve of the RAMSI one year anniversary celebrations, Special Coordinator Nick Warner is cautious about the stabilised situation:

"It's important for Solomon Islanders, and important for all the countries that make up RAMSI, to celebrate the success of this first 12 months, to celebrate the success of this partnership."

But there isn't room for over-confidence, or complacency: The situation remains fluid, and the situation remains fragile. Both the law and order situation, and indeed the fiscal situation.

It's going to take years of hard and dedicated work, to put this country back solidly on its feet.