22 Jul 2004

American Samoa Senator says judge's comments on corruption investigation cannot be ignored

8:12 pm on 22 July 2004

An American Samoa Senator, Te'o Fuavai, says the Senate must address comments made by a leading Manu'a orator and judge, Atiulagi Pese, regarding the Senate's corruption investigations.

Atiulagi said during the Manu'a centennial celebrations last Friday that the Senate should stop its investigations as this was not their job.

He advised the Senate to leave investigations to police.

Senator Te'o says he was disturbed to hear a member of the judiciary make such a statement in public, and the Senate cannot and must not let the judge's comments go unnoticed.

The acting Senate President, Tuaolo Fruean, says he will refer the issue to the chairman of the Select Senate Investigating Committee.