22 Jul 2004

Fiji Democratic Party criticises education policy

4:15 pm on 22 July 2004

The Fiji Democratic Party has called on the country's churches to speak out against the government's education policies which have been widely criticised as racist.

The party leader, Filipe Bole, says it is a disgrace to be called a Christian if the churches allow these kinds of policies to be implemented.

He was referring to the government's policy of providing free Form 7 education to indigenous Fijian students but not to those of other races.

Mr Bole says while the government is trying to promote multi-racialism, it is practising racist policies.

He says under this policy all Fijian students will benefit even if their parents are millionaires while needy students from other communities will miss out.

The Fiji Sun says Mr Bole has also revealed that about one-hundred people have indicated an interest in fighting the 2006 general election on a Fiji Democratic Party ticket.