22 Jul 2004

RAMSI head says way is clear for economic reform process in Solomons

10:55 am on 22 July 2004

The outgoing Special Co-ordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says the improved law and order situation in the country, has opened the path for economic reform.

Nick Warner, who'll be replaced next month as the head of RAMSI, says one of the country's key goals over the next twelve months, is to make substantial progress in rebuilding key aspects of the economy.

Two weeks ago, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a joint RAMSI-Solomon Islands government, economic reform unit to oversee the process.

But ahead of celebrations to mark the first anniversary of the RAMSI mission this weekend, Mr Warner stresses there is a lot of work to do.

"In the next year, I would hope that we would see real progress made in some apsects, some important aspects, of that process of economic reform - whether it be state-owned enterprises, and I think there are some that need to be dealt with quickly and can be, and indeed regulatory reform, taxation reform, fiscal reform."