20 Jul 2004

Serge Vohor confident he has enough firm backing to form Vanuatu's next Government

8:16 pm on 20 July 2004

Former Vanuatu Prime Minister Serge Vohor is confident he will re-assume the post next week but Ham Lini, the brother of the country's first Prime Minister, Father Walter Lini, is also expecting to get the job.

Both men lead rival coalitions cobbled from the 9 parties and eight independents who won seats in last week's election, with Mr Lini claiming his NUP led group has 27 possiibly 29 MPs.

But local political reporter, Kal Moli, says Serge Vohor is claiming his support is firmer than his rival's.

"and he's got 29 signatures and has proven that to show that he has got the numbers. He has also called on the media to downplay speculation and keep to the facts and numbers. He is also aware that there is still nearly a week to go before a government is formed, but he is confident his group will hold together"