19 Jul 2004

Cook Islands broadcasting standards a step closer

1:28 pm on 19 July 2004

The introduction of broadcasting standards in the Cook Islands is a step closer after the delivery of a report to its Broadcasting Corporation board.

CIBC's deputy chairperson, Florence Syme Buchanan, says the recommend ations will now be presented to the government for implementation.

The report was drawn up by the chief executive of the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority, Jane Wrightson.

Ms Buchanan says it's based on the current New Zealand model and should be acceptable to local media which has made its position on the standards clear.

"They're asking the board not to be heavy-handed, to be light-handed when it comes to setting up the regime, in terms of the rules, the sanctions that we would come up with. The other thing is that the report by Ms Wrightson will be presented back to the stakeholders for them to have a look at, for them to make comments."

Flo Syme Buchanan.