16 Jul 2004

Vanuatu political veteran says the country faces years of turbulence after election result

5:25 pm on 16 July 2004

There's a prediction that Vanuatu will face a lot of political turbulence following the inconclusive election results, and the people must share the blame.

Election results were confirmed on Thursday with nine parties sharing 44 of the 52 seats and the balance taken by independents.

Wille Jimmy, the secretary general of the National United Party which claimed the most seats with ten, says they expect to announce a coalition of six parties by next Sunday or Monday.

But Mr Jimmy says it will be difficult to keep such a coalition together and he thinks there will a repeat of the instability in the country in the mid 1990s.

He says the people of Vanuatu cannot blame any one else.

"because they did not give a majority to a political party to be able to form a government on its own. We tried to provide an alternative solution to that, but they have decided to give very little to each political grouping and a lot to the independentists - as I have always said, democracy is not cheap and everybody has to pay the price now"