15 Jul 2004

Manu'a Governor criticises US Government in centennal speech in American Samoa

1:39 pm on 15 July 2004

The District Governor of Manu'a in American Samoa, Galea'i Tuufuli, used his speech at the island's centennial celebrations this morning to call for a review of Manu'a's relationship with the United States.

He pointed out that the Deed of Cession was between Manu'a and the US and not between Manu'a and Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa.

The Governor says the US Department of Interior is displaying benign neglect towards Manu'a.

"they are the keepers of this place, they are the overseers of the Territory, and failure to do so amounts to benign neglect, and my humble advice to the representative of the United States Department of the Interior who is here today with us, tell your bosses that the must get closer to this territory and provide directions."