14 Jul 2004

Solomon Islands accountant general explains issues on compensation claims

4:01 pm on 14 July 2004

The Solomon Islands accountant general, Ian Davies, has clarified some issues surrounding compensation claims emanating from the years of ethnic unrest.

This follows concerns that some people who put in submissions missed out in the latest pay-out by government to its trade creditors and public servants.

Mr Davies also says police allowance claims are not being paid automatically and those who think they have a legitimate case should re-submit their documents.

"Last year there was a high level government committee looked into compensation claims and that report was advertised at the time. And, there was a whole list of names in there where it was said these claims should not be paid. Those ones won't be automatically paid but again, those people can apply back through the ministry to put their case again."

Mr Davies says the process will be used for ex-gratia payments, provincial grants and those claiming payments under the Prime Minister's discretionary fund.

In the recently passed Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2004, the government allocated just over five million US dollars for the pay out of arrears to its trade creditors and public servants.