13 Jul 2004

PNG AIDs doctor welcomes increased Australian asistance to fight the disease

3:12 pm on 13 July 2004

A senior medical advisor to the National Aids council in Papua New Guinea

says any possible extra funding from Australia should go towards prevention.

Dr Joachim Pantumari was speaking after Australia's Foreign minister, Alexander Downer, announced that they will more than double the money they give to other countries to fight AIDS.

Dr Pantumari says 150 new cases are being reported every month in PNG.

He says extra funding should go towards education awareness, prevention, training, advocacy and treatment programmes over the next five years.

"'I still believe we now have to look at improving our peer education,and looking at high risk settings, and targeting these groups so that we'll be able to make some positive impact to try to change the high risk behaviour on the populations of this country."

Dr Joachim Pantumari, from the PNG National Aids Council.