13 Jul 2004

Fiji Women Lawyers Association to contribute to legal issues

3:06 pm on 13 July 2004

The Fiji Women Lawyers Association says it would like to contribute to parliamentary bills, and legal issues connected with women and children.

The association's vice-president, Alofa Seruvatu, says as a fledgling organisation, they aim to support the professional development of members.

And, she says there is also an opportunity to work with organisations like the Womens' Crisis Centre or the human rights movement.

Ms Seruvatu says they could undertake research or hold workshops over litigation connected to women and children.

"We all would like to make a contribution because, in the past, there have been other organisations, non-governmental organisations that have handled legal issues but we are now, as a group, we should be able to make contributions to legal issues in Fiji."

Ms Seruvatu says the association has signed up 70 women lawyers out of the approximately 100 women who practise in Fiji.