12 Jul 2004

Guam hospital seeks help from Hawaii after both orthopedic surgeons go on holiday

3:54 pm on 12 July 2004

Guam Memorial Hospital has confirmed it doesn't have an orthopedic surgeon to call because the two regular sugeons are on vacation.

Hospital administrator, Bill McMillan says the island's only civilian hospital is filling the void with the arrival midweek of an orthopedic surgeon from Hawaii, who will stay for about a week.

Mr McMillan told the Pacific Daily News another Hawaii-based doctor will fill in for about a week when the first one leaves.

He says the hospital hasn't had an orthopedic surgeon to call since the weekend.

The hospital does have general surgeons who can be called upon to take care of patients who have bone injuries that do not require orthopedic surgeons' expertise.

However Mr McMillan says general surgeons cannot take care of more complex bone

injuries, such as to the hips or knees.