10 Jul 2004

Fiji PM resumes stance on cabinet sharing

9:17 am on 10 July 2004

Fiji's prime minister's praised the Supreme Court ruling on the multi-party cabinet and says he'll abide by its decision.

In a split decision, the Court's made no definitive judgment on the Labour Party's claim to 17 seats in a 36-member multi-party cabinet.

Instead, the court's upheld the 1997 Constitutional provision for a multi-party cabinet, urging both parties to negotiate a way of forming one.

In a statement, Laisenia Qarase welcomed what he described as the court's broadminded approach to interpreting the constitution - which provides for the inclusion of independents and members of the un-elected senate in the cabinet.

Mr Qarase says he'll abide by the ruling and it's now up to the Labour Party to decide what it wants to do as it's still entitled to be in cabinet.

He adds that Labour's already aware of the number of positions and portfolios offered to them.