9 Jul 2004

Mahendra Chaudhry unconcerned about reports of death threat.

3:40 pm on 9 July 2004

The Fiji Labour Party says its leader is undeterred by the latest apparent death threat against him.

Labour Party MP Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says security has not been beefed up around Mahendra Chaudhry or his family since the threat was disclosed in a statement issued by the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

Mr Vayeshnoi says that as a former prime minister, Mr Chaudhry is entitled to two bodyguards, and he is carrying on as normal.

"Mr Chaudhry continues to struggle for what he stands for and this will not deter him from carrying on with what he is doing to bring justice to this country."

The CCF says a government senator had asked a Labour MP to tell Mr Chaudhry that there would be bloodshed if Vice President Seniloli, and five others, were sentenced to prison after their current treason trial.

The senator is alleged to have told the MP to warn Mr Chaudhry that his life would be in danger.

The police are working with the Labour Party in an effort to verify the allegations.