9 Jul 2004

Vanuatu Prime Minister says voter rejection of traditional parties will bring more instability

1:20 pm on 9 July 2004

The Vanuatu Prime Minister Edward Natapei says the latest poll result is likely to lead to more political instability in the country.

Mr Natapei is confident that his Vanuaaku Party can reform its governing coalition with the National United Party, the Greens, the Republican Party and a number of independents.

He says they will have at least 31 of the 52 MPs with the NUP to choose the Prime Minister because they have the most seats.

Many parties, including the Vanuaaku Party returned fewer MPs, and Mr Natapei says it shows the people are disenchanted with the traditional parties and have instead chosen leaders from their own communities.

But Mr Natapei says this will increase the instability.

"unfortunately that is not going to help in any plans or ideas we have for stability in the nation - it is just going to cause more instability and division in the nation"