7 Jul 2004

Most of the veterans of Vanuatu politics retain their seats in yesterday's election

1:19 pm on 7 July 2004

Unofficial results show that the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Edward Natapei, topped the poll in the six seat constituency of Port Vila in yesterday's general elections.

In second place in the capital is newcomer Pierre Tore, an independent, with the Greens leader Moana Carcasses third.

Another Cabinet Minister to retain his seat is Maxim Carlot Korman, while Donald Kalpokas who resigned from Cabinet two months ago, has lost his seat.

Sela Molisa, who was sacked from Cabinet at the same time, is in danger of losing his seat, while another veteran, Barak Sope, the Deputy Opposition leader, is back.

Serge Vohor, the current Opposition leader has been returned, but our correspondent, Kal Moli, says Mr Vohor's Party, the Union of Moderate Parties, or UMP, has slumped badly on his traditional stronghold of Espritu Santo.

"he has secured his seat at 957, however his Union of Moderate Partes which has its base on Santo, where we had the rebellion in 1980, has not performed. So far it looks like they will lose the three other MPs who had been standing with Serge Vohor"