7 Jul 2004

Fiji police to build up numbers in tactical response unit

1:16 pm on 7 July 2004

Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says the tactical response unit will be built up to be around 300 police.

But, he says they are taking measures to ensure that it doesn't become an elite or isolated unit or have anything in common with the army's former counter revolutionary warfare unit.

Members of the CRW unit took part in the 2000 coup and the mutiny which followed.

Mr Hughes says the police tactical response unit will be an integral part of the police.

"We're taking every measure to ensure that they don't regard themselves as anything but members of the Fiji police and they don't become an elite, isolated group. In fact, any uniform, specialist uniform they want, must go through the uniform committee. It's one example of how we're monitoring and closely managing their evolution."

Andrew Hughes says the command of the unit, which currently has 100 police, is folded into the general structure of the police force.