7 Jul 2004

Fiji tourist organisation wants tougher laws against repeat offenders

7:48 am on 7 July 2004

The Fiji Visitors Bureau is calling for lifetime imprisonment for violent robbers who strike three times.

The call follows an incident this week in which six armed and masked men tied a chain to an automatic teller machine located in the foyer of a Coral Coast resort, attached it to a stolen 4-wheel drive vehicle and dragged it away.

The machine contained nearly 100-thousand US dollars in cash.

The Daily Post says the chief executive of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, Bill Gavoka, wants the state to amend laws so that robbers who strike three times are put away for life.

Mr Gavoka says people involved in such criminal acts are a small part of the population who should be kept away from society for a long time.

He says most of the same people keep re-offending and the application of the "three strikes and you're out" rule in parts of the United States has helped reduce crime there.